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At Cool Diagnostics we specialize in performance upgrades for most modern turbo charged diesel and petrol engines. This service is anything but subtle with some applications gaining as much as 50% more Power and even more Torque!

  This is a completely 'non-intrusive' procedure with no physical modifications whatsoever - the work is completed without so much as lifting your bonnet!

After a Cool Diagnostics performance upgrade you can expect a number of instantly noticeable benefits.

• Faster throttle response

• Smooth progressive power delivery

• Up to 50% more power and torque

• Potential for better MPG

*Diesel engines, usually about a 10% improvement in MPG depending on driving style

'Flash' Tuning Procedure

  This is the procedure we use to program your vehicle with the performance upgrade - Unlike a 'Tuning chip' or 'Tuning Box' It requires
NO physical intervention with your vehicles ECU (computer) or wiring loom.

  A 'Tuning Chip' requires the opening of your ECU and usually soldering onto the main circuit board!

  A 'Tuning Box' often requires the cutting/joining of your vehicles wiring loom!

Tailor made upgrades

  All our performance upgrades are '
Tailor made' for your individual Engine/ECU version - Unlike the vast majority of our competitors, we actually create your performance upgrade file on the day we visit you

Completely mobile service

Cool Diagnostics offers a completely mobile service for all performance upgrades.  This makes upgrading your vehicles performance a totally 'Hassle free' experience - designed to fit in with the busiest of lifestyles.

Total flexibility

Appointments to suit you, at home, work or anywhere you choose!

Physically undetectable

Due to the '
FLASH' technique we use to program the vehicles ECU - there will be no physical evidence that your vehicles power has been upgraded.

In addition to this, main dealers do not have the ability to detect the performance upgrade with their standard diagnostic equipment. This means you can be the only one who knows your power has been upgraded!**

** We strongly recommend you inform your insurer/warranty provider as failure to do so could invalidate your policy

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